Working the deets: Booking a DVC split stay

So, my wife (and I…although, she did more of the leg work) has worked out a lot of the details as to what our next trip will look like in December '22. It will involve a split stay.

The first part of the split stay will be a couple nights at Vero Beach. Not worried about getting booked there 7 months out. (We have friends in Vero Beach, so we’ll visit them while we are there.)

Next part will be SSR 1-Bedroom preferred. We plan to stay at SSR seven nights…but we want to do 3 nights at the tail end of the trip in a Studio preferred. Not only to save points, but because we want to experience staying in an SSR Studio for future reference.

So here’s the question…what would be the most ideal way to book? I’m thinking we book at 11 months the full 7 nights in the 1-bedroom, and then 4 days later, drop the last 3 nights and then book the Studio. This would ensure we have the entire trip covered.

Now, I get that at SSR, booking the Studio isn’t likely a problem. But would you recommend doing it this way? Or just simply book the first 4 nights, and then 4 days later, book the 3 nights in the Studio?

I don’t think you will have any issues making those reservations at exactly 11 months. Do you have enough points to hold both the studio and 1 bedroom at the same time? When I cancelled my December trip I made a 4 night reservation at 7 months at SSR. I then realized there were two nights available at BW (last two nights over 7 months) so I grabbed those nights and then modified my 4 nights down to two.

Honestly, I would start with the studio and then move to the 1 bedroom. It will be harder to judge the studio if you are going from a room with laundry and a full kitchen. That’s just my personal opinion.


Normally, I would agree. But we have a few reasons for doing it this way.

First, we plan to buy groceries on our way from Vero Beach to SSR. We will have some meals in the 1 bedroom as a result. But then, after 4 nights, we should be through most of the food and so won’t have to transfer much, if any, of it. We’ll adjust our ADRs to be more towards the end of the trip to compensate.

Second, weekends are the highest points, and the end of our trip falls on the weekend. So, making those our Studio days, again, helps in the point usage.

But, I definitely know that going from the roominess of the 1 bedroom down to the studio is setting ourselves for potential disappointment! But, “this is a test…this is only a test!”

No, we don’t

At 11 months you should be fine. This year Dec was crazy and SSR, OKW and AKL all had availability through at all levels until the 8-9 month mark.

This makes a difference on my advice. You could book the 1 bdrm for safety’s sake, but you will still have a risk because at some point you will have to drop your reservation and pick up the other. My biggest advice would be to drop it before the window opens so you don’t waste time dropping when you could be booking.

I don’t really see the point of booking the 1-bed for the 7 days and then dropping the last 3. Except I guess that if the studio wasn’t available you’d have a room.

But when you drop the nights you risk not getting the studio anyway. So therefore you’re taking a risk anyway.

And honestly I don’t see a problem with getting the studio.

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Yeah. I don’t think it is even as issue for SSR…I guess I am asking for the more generic case. No point in planning for something not likely, I suppose! It is almost like I am obsessed with planning for Disney!

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You really need to get help for that obsession. No good will come of it, mark my words. :joy::joy: