Working phone #

I have tried every number listed on the DisneyLAND website-

NONE of them are working

Does anyone have one that works?

I have a few Disneyland #'s in my phone saved. I recently called the Passholder one and it worked just fine. I also just now tried the general resort # and got a menu but didn’t stay on to listen to options or go any further.

Here are the #'s I have:

Disneyland Resort: 714-781-4000
Disneyland Magic Key (formerly Annual Passholder): 714-781-7222
Disneyland Guest Info: 714-781-4636
Disneyland Lost & Found: 714-817-2166

The only line that I know for sure they don’t/haven’t staffed is for Dining, but all the others should still be working.

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Found out the hard way - after several hours many of those lines are no longer staffed…

Had a question issue with a dessert party reservation- chat response was useless t eventually found a number that worked for parks…

Seems that dining line and others were furloughed for Covid and have not been brought back.


On Touring Plans WDW Chat, many are posting they are having great success with MDE chat feature. So that’s the new norm! Kind of neat.

Access Touring Plans Lines app Chat here:

Then scroll down to WDW Planning Tools
Then WDW Chat


Anyone there with World of color dessert party experience - trying to modify a reservation.

Chats response was Magic keys aren’t refundable

To move dessert party to another date as far as I could find is cancel original reservation and book new one. If more than 24 hours before the party will get a refund for canceled one.

We were trying to move the date -

Just remove 1 person off the reservation.

Are you doing it your first day? If not, maybe GS can cancel the 1 person & refund the money.

It’s on our first day in the parks -
We were advised just tell the CM at the podium…