Working on a spreadsheet on transport times from hotels to parks - input needed

As I mentioned in @Jeff_AZ’s resort location poll thread, I thought about doing a spreadsheet on travel times from different hotels to parks. @ryan1 mentioned the same thing so I figured I’d test it out.

I am listing all reasonable transport options for all MK-monorail hotels as well as BC and BW at the Epcot area. I can add others but the aforementioned have been the top poll picks so far. I will then pick out the quickest options for each park per hotel and add them up to get a “combined total travel time”. I will do this with wdw transportation only as well as with car and/or uber as an option.

I have to leave out factors like unusual wait times due to crowds, traffic etc because anomalies can occur anywhere. Walking might be the only one safe from these.

I’ve now been doodling in excel and need input on a few things:

  • What is generally considered the average time to get from TTC to MK (when parking or being dropped of with uber etc)?

  • What would be a suitable time to add to arriving by car in addition to drive time in other parks? so including getting through the booths, parking and walking to entrance. does 10-12 minutes sound reasonable?

  • Is it totally wrong to assume a similar drive time with uber and your own car, but add parking time on top of the latter? Assuming you order an uber ahead of time, you won’t have to wait for it and the drop off is (aside from MK) near park entrances. Is this putting uber at an unfair advantage? From my experience it really is quick but I’ve used it usually around mid day with cars well available.

  • What is considered an average wait time for the monorail at MK hotels? maybe 5-7 minutes?

I might have more questions later and also feel free to throw any ideas here!


There was a spread sheet on chat about when first busses were arriving. Did you see that?

Might help!

Nope, of anyone can share this would be great :+1:

If you ask on chat someone there will definitely have it. Or maybe @PrincipalTinker when she’s home from vacation can help!

Here is the liner spreadsheet

The spreadsheet tells what time the first transportation comes and tries to track the drop times but the info here might be more updated on the drops?

Thank you!! I was thinking the transportation times could be useful for them.

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