Working on a plan for Sept 11-14 . How does this sound?

We have a 6 yr old, that will be 7 at the time of trip, so MK most important to us.
Only going 4 nights, 3 full days at parks.

We arrive Sept 11 at night.

Sat, Sept 12, MK at opening. Cinderellas castle for Lunch around 12:00.
Watch Parade. Quick service for Dinner. Park closes 7PM

Sunday, Sept 13 - Epcot at opening - Hit just some important attractions , then Lunch at Via Napoli around 1:00 , back to hotel, then dinner at Be Our Guest at around 6:00, Electrical Parade for 8:00 and Wishes for 9:00

Monday, Sept 14 - Animal Kingdom - at Opening. Possible lunch at Rainforest cafe, then Downtown Disney, Souveneir shopping, and Dinner at Fultons.

Tuesday, Flight home.

Also, does Downtown Disney so childrens Karioke every night?? She woudl love!! Is it worth it to go there with a 7 yr old???

Also, we are skipping HS, we feel if we had time after AK, we woudl go back to MJ. I feel she wont love many things as much at HS, we can do another year?

Does this plan somewhat work? Thinking it wont be as crowded those days in Sept. We already booked trip weeks ago.
I also plan on reserving the fast passes too. Im allowed to reserve dinner reservations on March 15.

Fultons? I would re-think that one. Worst meal and service I’ve had at WDW. I haven’t been, but I read great things about Raglan Road. Maybe substitute RR for Fulton’s.
I would also consider switching Tusker House for Rainforest Cafe at AK. TH is uniquely Disney; Rainforest Cafe is not.
You can’t do everything in 3 days, so make your peace with skipping HS. It’s not going anywhere, and there’s hope that it will improve!
You’ll have a great trip!

Hey Backintothefray,
I ony picked Fultons, because we had such a great dinner there back in 2006. LOL . :slight_smile:
I was also thinking about the dinosaur restaurant there, because our daughter may love that one.
Just hoping they still do the kids Karoke if we go there?

Not sure about the kids karaoke, but Trex is popular for ambiance although most say it’s very loud. Raglan Road has dancers and will often bring children up on stage to dance as well. I will say I’ve seen a lot more negative reviews of Fulton’s than positive ones. There are a few that really seem to like it though and you’ve had a good experience in the past.

For the 12th I would expect one of two things to happen since it has a closing time of 7pm. I would expect they will either extend the time they are open or will add a Halloween Party to that date so keep an eye out for either of those as you may be able to get more out of that day.

I would also second @BackIntoTheFray’s suggestion in skipping Rainforest Cafe for one of the other table service locations in Animal Kingdom. Yak & Yeti is very good and Tusker House also gets a lot of love around here. Rainforest is… ok, but it’s no different than if you went there in any other city.

I think for a 7-yr old, you’re skipping the right park.
Also, I’d blow off DTD in favor of more AK or MK… especially if I’m a 7-yr old. :wink:
Go well, nicely done.

Well, yes we are doing AK that last day, jus
t was unsure about the night part of that day? :smile:

Just not that sure if we would be that into the other menu at Tusker or Yak and Yeti. Not 100% on rainforest cafe, but we figured it would be a ncie place to relax with air conditioning and we do enjoy that restuarant where we live, as the menu items are broader.

Also, I hope they dont add anything on to the 7PM like EMH??? That is the entire reason we are goin to MK on that day. It is too crowded the days of EMH.

Another good option might be taking a bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge. They have several good restaurants that rarely get a negative review but the resort itself is amazing!

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Oh actually, I heard its night of joy that night!

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Oh I think you’re right. I always forget about that.

AKL is probably a far better & unique option than DTD, which is just a big shopping mall, really.

Also, I’ve seen various opinions on this & you know your child better than any of us, but AK is a LOT of walking. You may or may not wish to consider renting a stroller. 7 yr-old is right on the border. Since it’s your last day, you’ll probably have a good idea by then what your child’s stamina-factor is. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I know. We have been concerned about all the walking. We may rent one when we get there. Thats another reason we want to go to MK the first day, before all the exhaustion hits…LOL

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Good idea!!! or maybe even go over to the boardwalk for awhile to eat, then head back to our hotel. We may have a lot of time that last day depening on how long we will stay at AK.

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Im so torn about Downtown Disney, as just about everything there is for adults. But if we can get in a nice dinner, then stop at some shops, and if they have the kids karoke, it would
be worth it for the last night.

I ask a niece of mine who works for Trex about the kids karaoke and she cannot find anyone who has heard of it… Doesn’t mean it does not exist, they just cannot find anyone who knows about. If it’s important, you may want to contact Disney Springs and find out before making reservations.

I have DD8 and DD4. I would say skip the DTD and hit up more parks. If you want some relaxation walk around a resort such as Animal Kingdom Lodge. One our favorite sit down meals is Tusker House. We usually hit it up at 10:45 for breakfast. On our last visit they started to bring out some lunch too.

Have a wonderful trip. You can’t go wrong with any decision in my opinion!