Work Conference at the Happiest Place on Earth!

Just found out today that I have a training conference in March in Disney World. We have these conference/ training session every 3 years are are usually in Las Vegas. I was literally shaking when I read where it will be help this year. We are set to all at Coronado Springs and can add 3 days before and/or after for the rate the group is paying. Never stayed, let alone seen CS so any info please do not hold back.

Anyone else attend a conference at Disney? Any pointers for visiting the parks solo? Thinking the family will either come down before or after the dates, but I plan to enjoy myself every minute I am not in meetings. I am such a planner that its killing me being 2 months out and just finding out we are going to DISNEY!!

So I have another question, if my family arrives later in the week and are on my reservation, would they be able to take DME on day Thursday even though the ressie would have me checking in on Monday? Am I making sense? I would be taking DME on Monday but the rest of the party wouldn’t arrive until a few days later…


We stayed at CSR for the first time this fall and loved it. We loved it so much my DS convinced me to ditch our reservation at BLT and replace it with another CSR stay. The new tower and lobby are beautiful and more upscale than I expected from a moderate resort. There are great dining choices. The main pool and hot tub are large. The grounds are lovely.


Make SURE to visit Gran Destino Tower (if you’re not staying in the tower already) and go to both lounges. Fantastic!!

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