Wording for room request?

Good morning!

I am looking for tips on how to word my room request. We have 2 studios booked (with different lead names) for BCV and we would like to be close. We don’t need to be next to each other or anything, but same wing, same floor would be ideal. I am hoping for 2nd or 3rd floor of the wing closest to the BC lobby to make walking to and from the pool/boardwalk area as easy on grandma as possible. :smiley:

Since the reservations are technically separate, what are your suggestions for making this as clear as possible for my room request?


2 separate room requests - if the other person isn’t on TP then set up a second trip with the same dates in your own dashboard.

In the free text box, on both requests, state that you are travelling with Lead Name + Reservation Number and you would like to be in the same floor/wing. Then explain why you want the specific area.

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Thank you! I am actually the person who made both reservations and have been taking care of all the planning, so I’ll definitely be filling out both requests.

Should I add the special events we are celebrating on this trip or should I leave that out? I don’t want to seem like I’m groveling. LOL :smiley:

I’d add them - something like “we are really excited for this extended family trip as we are celebrating X and X”


Awesome. Thank you so much!!!

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You’re welcome!

You can contact Disney and get a “travel with” number if you want and that will ensure you are close together. NBC

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