Woohoo, an extra day at Disney

So due to coming across a great new deal on a flight, I’m now flying instead of making the 19-hr drive each way from the midwest in 2 weeks. Hmm, should we just go home a day earlier or have one more day in Disney? Ok, that’s the easy part.

Anyway, trying to decide between adding another night at AoA for convenience of not moving our stuff and having midday access, or an offsite hotel for the last night to save some money. I will have to call Disney to add on a night as I’m inside 30 days, but wondering if I should expect to see any decent deals on the rate of the add-on night compared to the listed price if I were to go in and book a separate reservation for that same night. Has anyone added on one more night right before, or even during the trip? I’ll already have a rental car to do some non-Disney things at the beginning of our trip, so whether I drop that off at Disney early to save a little on that cost and use Tragical Express or stay offsite the last night and keep the vehicle throughout, partly depends on the deal I can get on that additional night if remaining on property.

I’ve also thought about a split stay to a cheaper Disney Resort, but that also seems like a bit of a hassle, and there aren’t many cheaper than AoA for 5 people (youngest is 11) to make it worth the move.

Just when I thought I had everything planned.