Wondrous Journeys Tips

My family of 3 will be at DL on Sunday, 3/26. Wondrous Journeys is a priority for us and I’d like a decent view of the castle. Is 8:30 an acceptable arrival time for the 9:30 show? I think I’d like a spot in the hub rather than on Main Street. Our last trip we were down Main Street near Gibson Girl and couldn’t see the Jack Skellington feature of Halloween Screams. I want to make sure we can see Baymax fly. I’m used to the hub at Magic Kingdom, so not afraid to get into the mix to secure a spot. After the show, we’ll be heading toward Rivers of America for the second show of Fantasmic! Any tips and tricks are appreciated.


We’ll be there on Fri 3/24. I hope to get some info. before then, but we’ll try to report our experience if nobody else chimes in.

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For the hub an 45 min to an hour is the latest I would try for a spot. Generally you want to stay towards the Tomorrowland side as the Frontierland side has trees that block the big bursts. Anywhere on that side that you can find will give you a view of Baymax. As for the projections on the castle it will just depend on how tall you are compared to the people directly in front of you and/or if there is space between them to see between their heads.


We weren’t able to stick around for Wondrous Journeys, so I don’t have anything useful to add. When we left the park at 9pm there was lots of room down Main street, but the hub was filling up. You probably could find a decent spot, especially at a time when every shuffles (when CM’s tell everyone to pack in or when everyone finally decides to stand up), but you’d probably feel like a vulture circling in order to do so.

Can you see Baymax and the Blue Fairy from Main Street?

We watched the projection show twice from Main Street just past the Penny Arcade. We could definitely see Baymax and the Blue Fairy. However we watched a third time from the hub a month later and I don’t think we saw the blue fairy. Maybe we were just distracted? I love this show from both spots. I haven’t watched with fireworks but the projections on Main Street are so immersive. Plus easy exit after if that’s your plan.

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Totally not a flattering video of me but this is my reaction to flying Baymax on our first viewing in February. :joy:


During the Pixar celebration I just loved it when the UP! house went up. One of my favorite Disney moments!