Wondrous China...thoughts?

Gotta say, one of my favorites in World Showcase has always been the circlevision movie in China. Can’t really put into words why, exactly…but I guess it comes down to just seeing such a beautiful land/culture that is so different from our own.

Anyhow, I’m planning to go in May, but the film has been swapped out for Wondrous China. I’m curious if anyone’s seen it, and what they thought of it? I’m not really wanting a comparison, since it will be different…just general impressions of the new film, whether you’ve seen the previous one or not.

The new one has not started yet. I couldn’t find a firm starting date. They’re still showing Reflections of China.

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Oh. I had read it was supposed to start January 2020, same as the new Canada film.

Nope, awesome planet, the Canada one and the beauty and beast singalong all opened on the same day, but the new China one is later in the year. Don’t think there’s an exact date yet.