All I can say is WOW!


I wished I was a Star Wars fan but as it is I am not overly excited. My son’s on the other hand would be in heaven. :yum:

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I know what you mean. In the article, it talks about the new land having no characters like Luke, Han, Darth Vader, or Yoda…That’s the Star Wars I know from when I was 12 in 1977.
I’ll still visit it when the crowds eventually die down.


Yes, those are the memories of Star Wars for me. I bought all the original characters and have about 50 of them. Was going to collect them to sale some day at a profit. Were all in original packages until one day my wife said, Oh let the kids play with them. Well I still have them all but unpackaged they are not worth all the much even though they are like new. So much for my Star Wars dreams. Will go see the exhibition though when my wife and I get there in Oct. :roll_eyes:

NOOOOO…You could have turned a nice profit on those figurines if kept in original packaging! My DD has an original American Girl in excellent shape with box…I recently saw the same Samantha doll I paid about $80-90 for on sale on Etsy for $2,999.

For some reason this made me teary. Maybe because Carrie isn’t around to enjoy it.



The adlibbed tribute to Peter by Harrison was top notch. Made up for the cringey introduction of Harrison. You just know it ticked off Iger.


And who’s gonna sell it, kid? You? :stuck_out_tongue:

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That is a big problem if you don’t attend conventions or anything like that. A collectables shop won’t give you S—t for your items as they want to make the big profit. Most lie to you about the value anyway. That the problem with collectables. anyone into Dept.56? :crazy_face:

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Are the rides inside that?

The Millennium Falcon outside is a photo stop, and you can’t get right up to it, there’s a barrier around it.

The MF ride is inside the gigantic show building behind it, and the queue is themed to be inside the Millennium Falcon.

I, of course, want to be able to climb down the ladders to the gunnery just like Luke did!

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Totally with you there!

Unfortunately I doubt it’s that well themed. :frowning:

You mean we can’t hide out in the hidden smuggler compartments?

Forget it then. Not sure why I’d even bother! :wink:

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I want Chewie in my cockpit or I’m not going to be happy.

I might just refuse to start the engine, or shoot anything until they find him. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am into Dept. 56. I will never sell my extensive collection of Christmas and Halloween Villages and figurines. My kids will be stuck with the 4–5x2 plastic storage containers I have in storage.
Here’s a small sample…

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Would you believe I must have at least 100 pieces of both Dickens and Snow Village Halloween new in the box stored in my barn shed? At one time they were worth something. Now, not so much. :roll_eyes: