Wonderful World of Animation (WWoA) reviews?

Has anyone watched the new nighttime show at DHS? I have a Fantasmic dining package for next weekend, but we’ve seen it a couple times. I was wondering if this new show would be worth the time.

@Randall1028 just did and says this is what HS should be all about, IIRC


I don’t think this is what I saw? Or at least not what I raved about. What I saw was called movie magic.

Now there was a animation celebration show during the DAH. focused on all the animation through the years. Not bad, and in the same vibe as the Movie Magic one. I’m not sure this is the same show you’ll see.

If it is, and If you like seeing praise given on all things Disney animation, from classic 2D to 3D, then it’s worth the time.

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Also curious - heading down next week, and wondering if I should rearrange a few things to catch it.

Ok I looked it up on youtube, and it’s definitely the animation show that praises all things 2D-3D. I personally liked it, but I would be hesitant to tell anyone to rearrange anything to catch it.

If you can rearrange without any actual “penalty”, then yeah, go for it.