Wonderful World of Animation video

Video from last night by WDWMagic. It’s been updated and includes a Soul segment.


Wow, it’s not on the show schedule?!?

True, it’s not on Disney’s calendar web page under Fireworks etc the way HEA and EF are. But it is on their web page of entertainment offerings. The calendar page usually listed only F! for HS (pre-Covid).


I noticed that as well. Makes it difficult to plan.


Disney Food Blog had some stories last night about cast members putting down tape - looked like masking tape - before the show began, and that designated where people could/couldn’t sit. Any insight on this process?

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Nice! Thank you @Nickysyme for sharing!!!

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That’s usually to show walkways they want to keep open.


And it looks like people were all calmly sitting, fairly distanced apart. I’m just surprised since normally at Fireworks everyone’s pushing in everywhere? Is the sitting normal?

I think for HS shows, yes it is - mainly for just the up-close area, the majority further out stand. Especially since these are fairly minor compared to the HS nighttime headliner of Fantasmic! (which isn’t running yet). Maybe many people weren’t aware this was now showing?

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I loved that! Thanks for posting.