Wonder when that refund will come

Sigh. Cancelled my WDW late April trip, unfortunately. Anyone know how long it will take until I see the $ on my card? It’s already been a few days…

Typically they say 7-10 business days (M-F) - and I’ve generally seen it within 2-3. BUT that is when there are not hundreds of people cancelling. So my guess is it may take a little longer because of the sheer volume they are dealing with.

It is also highly dependent on your bank - and possibly type of card. Mine goes back into my checking account from my debit card. An actual credit card it might not “show” until your next statement.


If you can not look at your account (credit or debit card) online. You could always call. At work we tell students 3-5 business days after the college has completed the process.

I got mine in less than 48 hours. To be fair I was booked under the Disney Travel Agent rate/program so it has been a very smooth process. No hold times, etc.