Wolfgang Puck

Does Wolfgang Puck accept the Dining Plan?

The TS is listed as a signature dining experience (2credits) on the dining plan. The CS puck expresses are also on the DP.

Side note… The bbq ck pizza at the express is soooooooo good!!! Just seeing this post made my mouth water :wink: hahaha!!!


I agree! Yummy!!

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The wolfgang puck express is a great use of a QS credit :smile:


So basically the Cafe is 1 credit and The Dining Room is 2? Thanks so much guys and I will be sure to tell my friend about the yummies!

I was still confused so I called Disney Dining and they said that it is listed under signature but is only one credit. Now I’m even more confused. Serenity Now!!!

Oh! I just looked again at the DP brochure. It is listed as a signature dining restaurant, but one credit! Fulton’s too!


See if this link works

Thanks so much for helping me figure this out! 1 credit = great news!

Ate at the Express in November. We were on QS DP. We all thought it was outstanding. My bottom less pit 14 year old son was actually full after the meatloaf dinner he inhailed.
Like someone said before, great use of a quick service meal credit.

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Not sure if this ever got a clear answer yet so here goes. My friend just returned from her Spring Break trip and she ate at Wolfgang Puck. She said it is 2 credits for the dining room and 1 for the cafe.