Woke Up to This . .


I was looking forward to this! When did this happen?!?!?

It must have just happened. I’m pretty sure we heard them in Epcot on Thursday.

:rage: I just don’t understand.

I thought you weren’t doing any parks?

It looks like they don’t have any times listed after Oct 30. Hopefully they’re looking to return them to the streets in Nov and offer other shows on the stage? Fingers crossed. They’re my one of my favorite shows.

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Yep! I’m doing the parks!!!

I think this must have just happened. I saw it late last night and I had looked at my plans just a day or 2 before. We are so disappointed.

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There are reports of more entertainment cuts.

Voices of Liberty are showing as Temporarily Unavailable, which is the same status as Sergio, who was cut soon after the park closures. If they are gone, that would leave the Dapper Dans at risk too.

I really hope some of these acts are brought back. I can’t imagine VoL are permanently gone, so maybe the likes of Yee Ha Bob and the Orchestra might return after all.

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I am so disappointed that the Festival of the Holidays Storytellers are rumored to not be there either.

Pretty sure Disney have said they won’t be there this year when they cancelled the Candlelight Processional.


So, I looked on WDW’s site for the day we’re in the park, and the JAMMitors are showing up there with a schedule. I’m wondering if TP has it wrong? @len, could you look into that? I had it on my 10/24 EPCOT plan, but it gave me the error I posted at the top of this thread.

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I did not see it on any official Disney site. I did hear no storytellers on Tim Tacker.

So this article doesn’t specifically say they won’t be there, but since they mention several things that are happening at Epcot, including I’m glad to see Voices of Liberty, then I think it’s safe to say the story tellers won’t be coming this year.

There really would be no easy way to prevent crowds gathering around them.

I had the same thoughts, they weren’t mentioned, so not going to be there. But I had been holding onto hope, even if it wasn’t realistic. TP was letting me but them in my plans, but I removed them.

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@len I had it on 12/8 and 12/9.

Say it isn’t so! No trip to Disney is complete without hearing Voices of Liberty. I just bought the Voctave album in the hopes of supporting the VOL cast members. I really hope if there are cuts that they are temporary. The World Showcase won’t be the same without them. =(

Like I mentioned when I posted the DPB article, that says VoL will be singing at the American Pavilion for the Holidays. So maybe the status on the WDW is for now - they’re probably just furloughed.

We’re grabbing the parks schedule several times per day, so this should update automatically. Let me know if not.

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JAMMitors doesn’t even show up on the list anymore, and when I activated an old result, I still get the error message.

It’s on the WDW Site here through October 31st.

What’s that URL?