WoC refurbishment

Does anyone know how long WOC refurb will last. Really want to do the dessert party for my birthday this summer.

I just called DLR dining about this b/c it starts like 10 days before we go and I wanted to do dessert party. She said it’s “dark” til sometime in the summer (didn’t say when). :frowning:

I would guess it will be down until the Pier reopens June 23rd. Maybe try the Paint the Night dessert party for your birthday. I am going to it in late April, same price as WOC party.

I would guess the same thing. I’m hoping that they don’t redesign the show to all/just Pixar movies - but given the rest of the (unwelcomed-to-me) retheming, I’d be surprised it it isn’t.

I haven’t decided how I feel about it yet. I will see after I visit.

We are going in mid July, so fingers crossed that it will be back up.

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I am guessing if it reopens June 23 it will be themed Pixar for Pixar fest, but after September will return to normal.

I’m in mid-late July (21-23)! I do recall seeing it the only other time I’ve been to DLR (we did the Wine Country Trattoria package) and would love to see it again (or new)! Fingers crossed!

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