WOC Dinners after 11/12/15?

Hey liners! Long time, no talk- I’ve been absolutely horrible at finishing my May 15 report or even starting my D23 Expo report. That said, I’ve been lurking a heck of a lot and hope to get back to chatting soon :smile:

We’re going to DL for the Infinity Gauntlet/C2C challenge, and we want to celebrate with a WOC dinner. It looks like dates are greyed out for all WOC dinners for anything past 11/12. I’m wondering if they’re planning a special winter dreams WOC dinner, or if they’re discontinuing packages during the season, or what. Any clues?


Hi! They just haven’t been released yet. Those packages through 11/12 were just released on Monday. I assume they will be released soon. we are planning the Blue Bayou F! package for 11/14.

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Awesome. Thanks, @Wahoohokie !

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They announced they would be showing both WOC Celebrate & WOC Winter Dreams during Christmas season so I’m thinking that delay has been to iron out the scheduling details of doing two different shows.

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