WOC and PTN in same night?

Hello! I am planning a trip to disneyland in mid August with my son and we have never been. According to touringplans estimates about showtimes, PTN parade will occur at 8:45 and WOC at 9:00. Does anyone know if it will be possible to do both of these in one night? How long does the parade last? Thanks for any insight!

Right now there’s a lot of questions marks as to how Disney will work both WOC & PTN & so Touring plans doesn’t really have much to go off of except past showtimes. I highly doubt that Disney will keep both those times as managing crowds for both shows in the same space will overload the area & create an extremely unpleasant human traffic jam

Since PTN came back on April 13th, WOC has been down for refurbishment. It is scheduled to come back June 22nd (but I have also heard rumblings that it’s got some mechanical issues that will further delay re-opening).

However, the schedule for June 22nd still says WOC is on but only for 1 showing at 10:15 (which is usually the 2nd later, showing) and PTN at its normally scheduled time of 8:50pm. If they do bring back WOC at some point, then I would expect this to be much more likely for August.

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