WL vs POR... What would you pick?


Doing one night for mnsshp... Need to get a bigger room now (dh coming with ds 7 months)
I'm torn...
WL for access to mk for party and just in case I need to go to room
POR with working pool just in case ds4 wants a dip.


If you aren't specifically planning on pool time I'd just go with the one you want most. The quiet pool at WL will still be open and you can always take the little to CR if they really want some pool time. Then again POR gets such great reviews and would likely save you a decent amount of money. I would plan with what will work best for your family vs the pool situation.


If DS4 goes for a swim, he'll probably be too tired to do the MNSSHP. I wouldn't even give him the option of going for a swim, but if he wants to play in the water, bring a change of clothes with you to MK and go back to the Casey's splash area instead.