WL room types on Room Finder

I have a standard room booked for WL. Since there is no longer a Woods View category, would these rooms be considered standard? In other words when requesting a room using TP fax can I request a room that is listed under the Room Finder as a Woods Room?

When you request a room by TP fax you are only asking for a view or room of your choice if they can swing it for you. Try to configure your fax to explain what you would like and why. Be somewhat flexible as they will be more inclined to work with your request. Room view types can cost extra if you really must have a certain view but understand how Disney considers these room types. Say if a room only has a slight view of a Savanna, it is still considered a Savanna view.

That is not exactly true. This is an AKL standard view room (4218)

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I just want to know how Disney classifies the rooms listed under TP Room Finder as Woods View since there are no longer any rooms listed on Disney’s site as Woods View…only standard or courtyard.

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I would assume that woods view is standard.

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I might have been wrong here but UG has stated many times that say a Pool view may only see a very small part of the pool but yet is classified as a Pool View. Now I have never stayed at AK so I do not know how many room views you can pay for. I am sure there are rooms that have a wonderful view for their classification. I was simply stating what has been stated via UG and Disney resorts. I am sure if I look in the big book I can find this statement.

You should always ask for a room with the view you paid for. I believe that is why @fcoffey posted here. WL lost the woods view when it added Copper Creek. In looking at CL it still says standard view could have woods view, so I think that would be the best bet.

When I checked on the Disney booking site the only options at WL were “Courtyard View” and “Standard” - so yes, anything in the Touring Plans system that isn’t listed as Courtyard view should be fair game for a Standard room booking. Good luck in getting that fireworks view…

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Thanks @Damavs ! That’s what I thought, just wanted to have others agree! I didn’t want to request a room that I didn’t have. Reservation for.