WL Club Level

Hello Everyone,
Taking my family to the Wilderness Lodge CL In June. This will be our first trip back to Disney in 5 years. Made our room requests. This is our first stay Club Level and we are so looking forward to this experience. Has anyone been to the Lodge, Club Level recently? Can you offer any insights for our stay in a couple of weeks? Thank you!

I stayed there last year after the refurb. I will say that I have stayed in CL rooms YC/BC/PolyAKK/WL.

WL was my all time favorite stay! The very first thing they said was, β€œ if you want anything, just ask. If you want a beer at 7:00am, just let us no- no judgement.”

The CMs were amazing! The food was plentiful. There was a nightly soup. I will post some pictures!


Thanks for the info and pictures. The Lodge has always been our favorite and can’t wait to surprise my two daughters with Club Level service and the 7th floor area. So looking forward to it. Thanks again!

I noticed Disney has fences with gates around their pools since I was there last. Did you have any issues with getting chairs or tables in the afternoons?

We had no issue when we were there.

Thank you

Your question made me think of two things. I believe you can use the new DVC pool now? Also, the only deluxe pool I have ever had a hard time finding a chair is BC/YC.