WL and GF Christmas decor

Arriving Saturday around 11:30. WL and GF are on my plans for this short visit specifically for Christmas decor

I am hoping someone who has boots on the ground Fri into Sat will share here if the decor is gone before I get there.

I read some where that the decorations were going to be up till the 5th. I think they keep them up till 3 kings day which is the 6th this year. I hope this is true because next year we are cruising till Jan 1st from Miami (thanks to Dad turning 80) and hoping on stopping at Disney on the way back north.

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I read the same somewhere too. I just don’t want to use up time to get over there for that specific reason only to get there and find it gone. If that’s the case I would rather spend a little more time at MK and AK

I want to see the Christmas trees at DS.

Yeah that would be fun too but not enough time this go. Someday

The last time I was at DS it was called Lake Buena Vista shopping plaza. I think it about time I go back. I’m hoping for arrival day with lunch at DS and HDDR for dinner.

Oh my you won’t recognize it at all.

Does anyone know if they will still be playing Christmas music on Sat at MK or doing A Frozen Holiday Wish??

If it were me I’d call the resorts directly once I’d gotten there to check before heading over.

Calling the resorts just dumps you into a call center and does not reach the actual resort. Good thought but it won’t work. Hence my post here.

My method is to google the # of the front desk of the resort I wanted to call (e.g. “Art of Animation front desk number”). I’ve always found their direct # and I’m sure I was talking to a cast member from the front desk b/c they answer from that resort. That # isn’t available on the MDE but easily found on the web, at least the few times I’ve looked.