Wizarding World Only Touring Plan

We are going to Universal for one day only to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I’m wondering whether we should start in Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade… any suggestion on what order to do things? We aren’t interested in any of the other attractions except for the Harry Potter ones. I’ve looked at the one day/two park plans but wondering if we should take a different approach since we don’t want to do any of the other attractions. Thanks!

In my opinion I would start at Diagon Alley so that you can ride Gringotts first thing at RD. The train from DA to Hogsmeade also seemed to build up later in the day. We were able to ride FJ later in the day with a 20 minute wait on a 4 level day.

We’ll be starting at at DA to hit Gringott’s at RD and then explore DA, Then we’ll take the Hogswart Express to Hogsmeade, and using our express pass do Hippogrif and Dragon Challange. If the SB line isn’t too long we’ll do Forbidden Journey (we have a second day, so if the SB line IS long, we’ll do it at RD on the second day).

Thanks! I think we’ll start in Diagon Alley then!

You definitely DONT want to do Gringotts at rope drop, unless you have early entry. Go to Diagon, explore everything except the ride, take the train to IoA, and return to Diagon for Gringotts in the afternoon. See our published 1day/2 park plans for details.

I can’t get my touring plan to accept early entry to Universal Studios for Feb 13. I thought on-site hotel guests get early entry every day to USF, but the touring plan only allows me to record early entry for IOA

EPA for on site has changed to IOA instead of USO . This was done last week without any notice