Wizarding World - Can You See it in a Day?

Just thought of another questions for UOR. We are really only interested in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Is it possible to see both in a day without missing too much? We are thinking about getting a One-Day Park-to-Park ticket.

Yes definitely, there aren’t many rides so if that’s all you’re doing you’ll have loads of time to really explore.


Sure! You can actually do both whole parks in one day (a bit rushed though). There are some great things in the parks besides HP stuff! May I tempt you with some? Popeye’s bilge barges are the most soaking wet fun you can have. Terminator 3D is the best 3D I have ever seen anywhere, period! The mummy is awesome fun! So much to do and see! Enjoy it all!!

I think Terminator is shut. It’s definitely on the way out. Love the Mummy though! And Hulk and Spider-Man.

DH and I don’t really ride rides unless they are super calm. We both suffer from dizziness issues. we definitely can’t do 3D. We just want to immerse ourselves in the world of Harry Potter. DD would probably love a couple days in the park, but we really can’t afford to stay over longer than a day. :frowning:

The rides at Universal made me much more queasy / motion sick than those at Disney. If you’re skipping the 3-D rides, you can definitely do the HP lands in a day. We spent two full days at Universal and were honestly flummoxed as to what to do for the second day. The HP stuff is immersive, but pretty small. And the food isn’t anything to write home about.

That’s good to know. We just want to see it and have some butter beer. We’re going to WDW for the food, and UOR for the immersion. :slight_smile:

Even if you really take your time, yes, you can do it. I spend one day of every trip dedicated to the HP worlds so I can get totally lost in the detail. As mentioned, there are only 3 rides right now, but there are several shows, several shops to wander around and a couple restaurants to eat in or look around in. If you are up for it, you can also cast spells in both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. You can definitely do it all and will have an incredible time doing so!

Say it ain’t so amiga!! :crying_cat_face: well, shows you how long ago I was there!

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Yep, Terminator 3D is long gone.

There are two different 2-parks-in-one-day plans in the Unofficial Guide to Universal Orlando: One for just the Harry Potter attractions, and one for the best of everything in both parks (which also includes Gringott’s, Forbidden Journey, and Hogwart’s Express).

We did it on our last trip but I knew I’d read that it was closing.

Then why is Touring Plans still letting me add it to my personalized touring plan? I was just playing with it today and Terminator 3D still showed up!

It shut on 8th Oct. If it’s still showing up on your touring plan, you should email webmaster@touringplans.com to let them know.

It looks like it’s gone from the plan now. Perhaps it deleted itself when I optimized?

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