With regard to the long waits people are experiencing

I’ve read the posts about wait times on TPs being way off from what the actual wait times are right now. Question for those who are experiencing this (or HAVE experienced this in the past)… do you also check the app wait times? Are those closer to reality and more reliable? Is it just the Touring Plans we create individually for ourselves that are inaccurate?

I realize it’s frustrating to make a TP and then once you get there it’s blown to bits by longer than expected waits, but if we anticipate that and re-evaluate once in the park AND monitor the app lines (assuming those are accurate, hence my question) it could really help not blindside us once we’re in the park. #hopeful

For last Nov. YES and YES !!! The app was an absolute life saver for us. :smiley:

In my (very limited) experience, the live times on the lines app. are more accurate than the MDE live times. Regardless of the predictions when creating a TP weeks or days before, I think Disney has a strong incentive to inflate the posted times (under promise, over deliver).


Yes absolutely. In case I wasn’t clear, I was saying the LINES app was a life-saver. Of course MDE was also a life-saver but not for wait times (for additional FP+).

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Yes, that’s exactly what I was hoping/asking. I was worried that the people posting about incorrect wait times were ALSO referring to the lines app. I was like NOOOooooooo!!

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When I evaluated my tp, I saw updated times. But I also experienced a couple of character meets that were longer than the posted wait. I don’t think I checked tp for those though.

Yes the app rocks and is updated in real time. I went in with a printed TP on a previous trip and did not really consult the app often, and to me that is just straight missing out on half of the awesomeness of the TP.