Wishes without FastPass

Where is the best place to stand to see Wishes when you don’t have a fastpass for it?? Thanks!!

You can see it all over the park. The most popular spot would be somewhere along main street and into the hub so you can see both Capture the Magic and Wishes, however, being the most popular it’s also the most crowded and requires the most amount of time staking out a spot. If it’s just Wishes there are lots of good spots all over the park. New Fantasyland, Frontierland, I can’t really think of a truly bad spot.

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^Agreed - don’t waste a pass on it

Are fastpasses even an option for Wishes anymore? We got some for our Sept '15 trip, and I liked the spot, being able to sit and stretch out, not needing to arrive too early, etc. but I didn’t see Wishes as an option for FP for our trip later this month?

From what I saw - there is no “sit and stretch out” during the show - you will be seeing knees. We went in April - no need for passes. Got a great spot 2 minutes before it started.

There is no FPP for Wishes anymore. They took it away and expanded the dessert party to some of that area.

We like the bridge to Tomorrowland - Tink flies overhead.

We like the area in front of the Baby Care center, between Casey’s and Crystal Palace.

We also REALLY liked our seats at California Grill :grin: