Wishes viewing at CG

I couldn’t find the answer to my exact question in previous posts, so I apologize if this question has already been answered. I’m not sure I want to do a full dinner at CG, but I’d love to watch Wishes one night from their deck. If we just went to the bar (just me and DBF), would we still be allowed out on the deck to watch? And what are the odds of us getting in just walking up? Again, not dinner, just to have a drink or two at the bar and maybe an app. We’ll be there Sept 12-20, and I’d like to time it to watch HalloWishes if possible. TIA!

You could walk out on the deck if you were at the bar. My concern would be getting in to the bar. I would plan on getting there early in case there is a wait.

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You could also just make a reservation and have dessert or app only with drinks at the table. Nothing requires you have to eat dinner. Like @PrincipalTinker said you might have to get there pretty early for the bar.

I’ve only been once, but my recollection is you can eat any time and bring your receipt back to get on to the deck for Wishes (same day). Don’t know if that might work better with your plans, but might be an option.

So far I haven’t been able to find an available ADR for our trip (but I’ll keep checking). We were planning on doing MK that day, and since it’s party day we’d be ushered out at 7. I thought we could head over then, so if there’s a wait we’d have plenty of time before the fireworks at 9:30 (pretty sure that’s the right time). Probably if the wait is way too long we’ll just watch from TTC.

I think they moved the fireworks to 10. It was mentioned with the HallowWishes Dessert Party.

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