Wishes Start time

This site says 8pm for wishes on 9/14 but My Disney Exp says 9pm… Can anyone tell me which is right? We have 6:20 reservations and don’t want to miss it!

That is a party night?

No it isn’t…I’m gonna call WDW today because the My Disney Experience app says Wishes is at 9pm

I do not think calling will help. I do not know where the 8:00 came from but the 14th (my crazy app keep on showing October 14th) of Spetember is one of those nights that Wishes and MSEP switched times. Wishes at 9:00, MSEP at 10:00.

I have a similar problem with the reversed order for Wishes and MSEP, during my July trip. Many months ago, the whole week of July 17-23 had no times at all for them, but then when they added times, the times were reversed. I keep an eye on the times, and am eager to see what they really end up being in a few weeks. I hope it’s just human error, and not the start of a new trend! I like to look at the whole-month TA calendars, just for easy viewing of their schedule patterns. But of course they don’t stay as up-to-date as the WDW site.

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