Wishes: Poly or TOTWL

We have an ADR for Kona Cafe on Sunday 3-19 at 6:45. Hoping to arrive a bit early for a drink at Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto. We had originally planned to head back to our hotel (BLT) to view Wishes from TOTWL. Figured I’d ask though: what’s your preferred option - stay at the Polynesian and watch the fireworks from the beach, or go with the original plan at TOTWL? On the prior night we’ll have seen the show from inside the park. Thanks!

What time are the fireworks that night?


Since youvshoukd have enough time, I would say ToTW

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As noted in other threads posted here recently, our ability to get into TOTWL as DVC points renters might be in question. Apparently renters are being turned away with some frequency. So what should our backup plan be?

1). Watch from Polynesian beach.
2). Watch from the connecting bridge between BLT and the Contemporary.
3). Watch from one of the lounges in the Contemporary.