Wishes outside MK

Hi to all- and thanks in advance for any help!! I would love to watch "Wishes" outside of MK but with the music too. I seem to remember several spots along the monorail resorts.... What about right outside MK- can you hear the music?

I don't recall if you can hear the music, sorry. I have (inadvertently) watched Wishes from the boat to Poly; that was cool.

Other options: CR (eat at CG, keep receipt to go up to balcony for Wishes), GF marina, FtW beach, TTC. IDK if they pipe in music at the last two. Poly beach is restricted due to construction so I wouldn't try it.

Agree that CG is the premier outside MK spot. Understand that if you aren't lucky enough to get an ADR during Wishes and end up w an earlier ADR, you can return for Wishes from the balcony. Perhaps w one of there yummy cocktails. Also, unsure if the construction at the Poly messes w the view. I'd prob do the dock at the GF. I hear CR has other spots w music too. And, some have watched from the WL ...and the campground I think.

We caught Wishes as we were leaving Mk one night, and I think we heard the music from inside. We were right outside the train station, and you couldn't really see much. We were making the mad dash with tired kiddos to the buses. wink

This upcoming trip, we are eating at 1900 Park Fare on an MNSSHP night, and will either watch from their dock (off-center, and not sure about music), but most likely, if time permits, we are going to monorail around to the TTC.

I have heard they pipe the music in there, and the view of Hallowishes is supposed to be awesome from the boat dock there.

I, too, have been discouraged from trying the Poly beach - construction, maybe not allowing it.....I don't want to figure that out as the fireworks are starting. smile Enjoy !!

All your answers are awesome- Thank you all for your time and knowledge!!! One more question - the TTC sounds like our best option but how do we get back to resort from there? Are there busses to resorts or do we have to go back to MK - by monorail or boat?

Watched Wishes on a balcony of CR 2 years ago. It was located near the gift shop on the same floor as CM. Pretty sure there was music. Monorail it back to MK afterwards.

Not sure on resort buses, but to avoid the fireworks mob at MK, and to make a quick getaway from the TTC before everyone arrives, we are planning to cab it back to AoA. Totally worth the $20. smile

Watched Wishes from Ft. Wilderness beach last weekend and they do pipe in the music…sort of. The marina shack (where you catch the boats) is where the speakers are, so if you go all the way down to the far end of the beach, you won't really be able to hear the music. Added bonus, though: Wishes was at 10 and the Electric Water Pageant came through at 9:45 -- a perfect pre-show!