Wishes from Narcoossee's

Ended up catching Wishes from Narcoosee’s this trip. Great view. Music. Not a lot of people. And, saw the water pagent after (starts at the GF). Just an FYI


Awesome! That’s exacrly what I am planning on doing a week from tomorrow :smile:

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It rocks! I wasn’t prepared for the water pagent at all. Seen it many times and know it happens right after the fireworks but loved it. In all these decades of going to WDW, I never caught the whole thing (music and all). Only saw it as I headed back to a resort. Got to see the whole thing right after Wishes. Very cool and well worth the GF viewing.

I love catching Wishes there. Its the upscale back porch of the GF. Relaxed and friendly with classy food.