Wishes from Main Street Train Station

Has anyone watched Wishes from the Main Street Train Station? What are your opinions on this spot? My thought is we will have a good view and easier access to leaving the park and hoping on the monorail before the crowds. We will be at MK in a few weeks and Wishes is at 8:00 PM. How early would we have to claim our spot at the Train Station?

Thank you in advance!

I watched it from the second floor of the train station and really liked it. Some of the finer details on the castle projections get a bit lost, but it’s a great overall view of the show. Here’s a picture I took from there several years ago

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It’s a great viewpoint and idea, but unfortunately, it’s shared by many other guests. :slight_smile: I would guess you’d need to stake your spot no later than 1.5 hours ahead of time.

So if you don’t want to stake out that far in advance, what are some other good options? Maybe 30 minutes prior?

note: I’m going on a CL4 day.

DH, other families and I have enjoyed Wishes from the walkway to Tomorrowland (off-center, but you get a great view of Tink flying), anywhere along the hub (crowded, but best view, and from outside WtP (really only bc we didn’t want to stake out a spot and just wanted to see some of the fireworks, if that makes sense). Most often, we’ve done the walkway to Tomorrowland, which only required us to stand there for about 20 minutes or so.