Wishes from Contemporary?

Anyone watched Wishes from the observation deck at the Contemporary? Wondering if it’s often crowded? We are thinking about watching from there on a Tuesday night (Feb 27th) so hoping that’s a quiet day/time of year crowd-wise.

I’ve watched it from the deck at CG, but never at the “public” deck. It’s been recommended many times here on Lines, so I have to assume it’s pretty good…

It’s not that crowded to watch from the deck but I like the bridge between BLT and CR. The music is played on the bridge but I don’t think it is on the deck.

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I have. It’s nice. For what it’s worth my favorite place to watch MK fireworks is the Polly beach, but that’s probably not the best location right now.

I was in MK for the NYE fireworks last week( the 30th) and it was nice, but I couldn’t help but think that watching the same NYE fireworks from the Polly beach 2 years ago was better.

I fondly remember watching from the Poly beach almost 20 years ago. This is my first time back to Disney since then and this time I am going with my husband and two young kids. We are staying at BLT so trying to plan out good spots to see fireworks outside of the park(s) while also being close to “home” so the kids can get to bed at a reasonable hour!