Wishes FPP viewing area?

What the viewing area for Wishes if using FPP? We are arriving to MK late afternoon and have an 8:30 Plaza dinner reservation. Thinking of using FPP for parade and fireworks but don't want to be "off to the side" like Fantasmic dinner seating. Usually aim for back of hub.

It is in the Rose Garden for Wishes. Definitely an off-set view of the castle, hard to see the castle projections. I did not enjoy the viewing location, only good thing to me was Tink flying right overhead. Didn't use FPP for parade, so no insight on that location.


As @rnjackie stated, the Wishes FPP viewing area is in the Rose Garden. However, the Main Street Electrical Parade viewing area (at least in May and June) has a center view of the castle. You would be well-served to use your FPP for MSEP and STAY THERE for Wishes. A CM will sweep everyone out of the roped area after the parade but you can swoop yourself right back in immediately after. I mean 1 second after, literally. Some argue that you may miss the bottoms of a few fireworks from there and watching from a greater distance offers a more complete view of the fireworks and that is a valid argument. I have never been bothered by missing the bottoms of any given blast because the backdrop is sensational and it feels like you are LIVING it from there. I also enjoy having nothing immediately behind me but a fence and some rounded up barricades and ropes, and perhaps a CM who is guarding those things wink. I will attach a short video taken from that location.

Edit: I condensed the original video to 1 1/2 minutes.

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Thank you! The video definitely helps put it in perspective. Appreciate it!

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