Wishes Fastpasses Missing?

So, I was checking for Fastpasses in early May (7-9) and I noticed that there is NO option for a Wishes Fastpass. Not that they were all taken for the day, they weren’t even there as an option. There are other fastpasses in which it says in red that distribution has ended for that day, but this was not the case for Wishes. As I said, Wishes was not even there! Do we know are they replacing Wishes???

Wishes was taken off the schedule after April 18th. No one knows what the plan is. There is some speculation that it is connected to Rivers of Light, and possible dining packages being released or other ticketed events but there has not been an announcement.

Wow! I had NO idea. Thanks for the info!!

Yes, I heard on the WDWToday podcast that the Wishes FPP+ will go away, and it’s very helpful for me to know that you dont seem them. We are also there in early may, but off-property (so I have to wait to make FPP+)!