Wishes Dessert Party?

Does anyone find the Wishes Dessert Party to be worth the $59 per adult cost? I’m not a penny pincher, I’ll happily spend the money when I feel the cost is worth the experience. But I feel hard pressed to spend twice as much on a simple dessert buffet than I would for dinner at BOG.


Is that the price of the no seat garden view party? I loved that area as a FP area but it was free then.

Yes that’s the price for the garden view area. They still have that area available for FP (without the dessert party) but I guess part of that area is now for dessert party participants. They also still have the dessert party for the Tomorrowland Terrace… that one is $79 per person. I’m just shocked folks would pay these prices for a dessert party.

They took away the FP area. You can no longer get a FP for a parade or Wishes.

Really? I hadn’t heard that. That’s so disappointing.

Personally I don’t think it’s worth it. The last time we went, it was $24 which was worth every penny, But you had reserved seating based on when you booked it and it was nice to relax and sit down while watching the fireworks. I can’t even fathom paying $59 for what is basically pre-packaged desserts, and certainly not over $70. Heck the Epcot and HS parties aren’t even that high and they include alcohol lol.

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My family attended a Wishes Dessert Party four years ago. I don’t regret going to it but I wouldn’t attend again.
Here’s what a I remember: The check-in process is quick and efficient. There are assigned tables. There is plenty of time to eat before Celebrate the Magic and Wishes. There are plenty of desserts. I thought the desserts were good and not great. I think the desserts at most table service restaurants I’ve eaten at are better. There was a photopass photographer in the terrace who took some good nighttime castle pictures for us. Everyone moves to the railing of the terrace when the shows start so you can’t really watch them from your table. You can’t see the parade (if there is one when you’re going) from the terrace area. (Well, you can technically see the top of the parade)
I didn’t like the sight-line for Wishes in the terrace. The fireworks are not centered over the castle. They are off to the side. That probably wouldn’t bother most people but it really bothered me. I think that Wishes is more than fireworks and the castle has an important role in the Wishes experience. I know that watching Wishes from the old FP+ area addresses this complaint but it wasn’t available to me back then.

Like @Outer1 wrote, the price for party has increased drastically in the past few years and it is hard to find the value in it any longer.

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@BeckyCostello I recently wondered the same and have decided against it - here is the feedback I got -


Thank you! I’ve definitely decided against it - for $60-$70 I can have an awesome dessert every night during my trip instead of the mediocre desserts they seem to have at the party. In fact, I think I’ll post a new question asking everyone’s dessert recommendations at each park!

I agree completely!