Wishes Dessert Party

Who can tell me how they seat at the dessert party ? In the past when you booked effected where you would be seated. Is this still the case ? Ive heard conflicting reports on how you were seated. Ive either been told or read that now its first come first served. Is this true ?

I’m hearing the first come first served thing a lot. Would love to hear from someone who has just been.

Me too, I’m wondering if it’s a free for all and rude people are going to be putting there hands all over everything (YUCK)…Sorry if I insulted anyone, but seriously, people can forget there manners in public.

So I reached out to the IPO about this issue because I was concerned after I had made my reservation for a dessert party in September. The answer I received was this “If you have an advance reservation you will have the option to be seated in Tomorrowland Terrace or go to the Plaza Garden area. Guests with same day reservations, are only eligible for the Plaza Garden and standing room only”. I hope this brings some clarity to your question.

Few weeks later…but anyone have clarification on Wishes dessert party as to how people are seated, on a first come first serve basis or what? I am also really interested in how the desserts are served…as in at your table or on one big buffet style, etc…? Considering this in Nov/Dec but don’t really know enough about it. Thanks!

I completely understand…did you ever find any clarification on this? I would love to know while trying to decide to book or not…

Just returned from WDW. Family of 6 went to the dessert party Sunday June 5th. Seating was first come first serve (on the terrace only) and attendees started lining up an hour before the event started (it should be noted I made my reservations 180 days in advance). As were were a party of 6 we could not have a table/tables up front since they were for parties of 4 (there was a CM directing the seating) and they didn’t want us wasting 2 spots by taking 2 tables (though they were available).

The desserts were served buffet style and included fruit and cheese trays, there was also an ice cream sundae area which was portioned out by a CM. I was disappointed in the selection of desserts (particularly because there was no creme brulee) but more so by the view which was obstructed by the terrace itself, my family on the furthest side of the table didn’t have much of a view at all. I’m glad we did it as I would have been left wondering what I’d missed out on but it wouldn’t be something we’d do again.

Thank you for this feedback - this is what I was wondering!

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Thank you for this post. We are booked for the dessert party on 6/26 and I am starting to have 2nd thoughts. Did they offer you an option to go outside in the Plaza Garden to watch the fireworks? Were the desserts pre-packaged or freshly made? My reservation says 9:20 PM. So what time will people be lining up? I hate to waste the entire evening on this!

There was no option to go out in the garden, at least it wasn’t offered to us. Also, I didn’t see anyone in (what I thought was) the garden area. I’d say the desserts were freshly made but they weren’t anything special. Between the 6 of us I’m sure we tried everything offered, there were a couple of different cupcakes choices which my daughters tried, they commented that they were dry. There were gigantic strawberries that were dark chocolate or white chocolate covered, not sure why they didn’t have milk chocolate. I went with high hopes despite the negative reviews I’d read here on the board and elsewhere on the internet, quite frankly for the price it was a total letdown. Could have bought a lot of (better, specific to the persons preferences) desserts and gotten a comparable view without having spent nearly $300.00. I’d like to profess that I’m not hard to please and don’t have unrealistic expectations, this event just wasn’t up to par for the cost.

Thanks for the replys - we decided not to do the dessert party this year - standing in line for a good spot vs assigned seating based on time booked was a big factor as well as hearing the dessert offerings seem to be more standard fair - add in the cost increase and you have our decision to book LaNouba instead

Sorry I forgot to answer your question about the lining up, we had a 9:00 PM reservation and were in line at 8:20 with about 30 people in front of us.

Thank you. Need to decide in the next few days.