Wishes Dessert Party? Worth it?

Hi! I was just hoping to hear from anyone who’s done the Wishes dessert party. Did you find it worth the cost? How early did you need to arrive? How were the desserts, was the view all that spectacular and worth paying for?
We’ve seen Wishes from various spots on Main St. and never camped out ahead of time, and seen it from Fantasyland near the Rapunzel restroom area which was a very cool view as well. Also eaten at Ohana at a table next to the window during Wishes which was really amazing. Wondering if it’s worth trying or not.

I’m curious about this as well. My hubby really wants to do this but I’m not sold.

We did this on our last trip. I was super excited to do this, but I was really let down. The view is not that great from the Terrace. There are lamplight poles and trees that partially block the view. Plus, you are assigned a table and ours was pushed way back underneath the terrace. You can go to the railing for the fireworks. However, you must stand the whole time (hard with little ones that are tired and can’t see unless they are being held up). The desserts were ok, but I was not overwhelmed by them. I have had better at other dessert parties in the world and at restaraunts. I would not suggest doing this. I know my family will save the $$ and not do it again. We were very disappointed. Next time, I will grab a dessert at the plaza and stand in other places around the park.

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Thanks for the insight @MariaWoodworth - this is exactly what I was wondering. I’m all for shelling out extra $$$ for MVMCP but wasn’t totally sold on this, we’ve been able to view the fireworks from several other great places…I think we’ll skip it.

We went during our visit in 2014. We were terribly disappointed. The desserts themselves were underwhelming. The view was actually quite good, but not worth the extra cost.

I mentioned to my wife afterwards, that I wish they would take some of the desserts from around the resorts and bring them over for the various dessert parties. People would be more excited about trying things from different resorts/parks that they won’t get to over what was served.

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