Wishes and MSEP FPP advice please

I have a day when I am planning on not being in any parks apart from possibly in the evening to watch MSEP and Wishes. I am thinking that I could get FPP for both of these, but would like to know whether you would recommend the viewing spot for both of these? It will be our first and only time to see either, although we will see Hallowishes and the equivalent (if there is) at MVMCP. Would love to hear any advice that you have. Many thanks

We meet again @BigPetesWife LOL! I’m going to preface this with the following: I have not seen the current MSEP or Wishes…the advice I have was posted somewhere either on the forum or chat. I wish I could find it so you could read the original post. Either way, this is the advice and the plan that I intend on following… I will be going into MK just for the evening to watch MSEP and Wishes. I have FPP for MSEP. From what I understand if you leave the FPP viewing area following the MSEP and double back, behind where the MSEP FPP view area was, you should be able to nab a spot. If you can do this it should give you a killer view of Wishes! If you let me know what day you are planning on attending (and its after the day that I go) I can let you know how it worked out!

Thank you. Perhaps we’re the only ones awake? lol Thank you. I think I’m planning on Monday 11/3. That’s at the moment. By tonight everything could have changed, changed back and changed again.

I’m glad I’m not the only one up, and equally glad I can access the forum from work! lol! I totally get ‘changes by the second’ thing! I plan on going Monday 10/27. If you hear of any better spots let me know, otherwise I’ll let you know how it works out!

Will do. I’m sure it will be great wherever we see it from

The Wishes FPP area has plusses and minuses. Plus is that it’s not crowded, and you don’t have to stake out a spot an hour in advance. The minus is that the view angle is not ideal; it’s off to the right side, so you won’t get the “classic” view of the FW OVER the castle (they’re to the right of it as you look). If you’ve never seen them before, you will probably enjoy them more from MS. Last trip I watched from the second floor of the Train Station and it was a good view. With so many places available for parade watching, I don’t see myself ever using an FPP for one.

Thanks for the tip. Do you happen to know (or what would you think), will that part be open whilst the railroad is being refurbished?

Just curious - To get a spot at the train station, how early do you have to get there?

I’ve only done the train station once (on Memorial Day). I got there about 15 min prior to the start and was lucky; there was a family with two small children at the rail, and I was able to stand behind the kids and have a completely unobstructed view. Others may be able to say if this is “typical” or just really lucky on my part…

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