Wishes and Mainstreet Electrical Parade

On Day 1 of the TP for MK it shows that the parade is at 10pm and Wishes is at 9pm. Is this a misprint? TIA

No- there has been a flip of times in a number of nights.

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don’t miss either - love them both!!!

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I’m a little confused. On the TP it lists the Parade at 10pm first and then says to do wishes next but at 9pm. ???

You can email webmaster@touringplans.com. My guess is that text is set that way based on the usual schedule.

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In all seriousness does it matter? be a bit flexible. If you are planning on seeing both - just switch it around - go with the flow

I was there this week. Yes, the times really are flipped. Wishes at 9 and the MSEP at 10, with CtM in between at 9:30.

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Yes. You can do MEP first at 10:00 pm and then Wishes at 9:00 pm, but you need to make sure that you link your Flux Capacitor with your Magic Band. :wink:


We are first timers so we were just trying to understand it all. I am trying to not feel overwhelmed and thought by getting on Touring Plans it could/would help, so when we saw the times listed and trying to follow in order it just tripped us up a bit.


Thank you!! What is CtM…don’t see it on the Acronym list and again…new to this. Thank you for your help. :wink:

Thank you!!!

Celebrate the Magic. It’s a show projected onto the castle. You need to be able to see most of the front side to watch. Therefore best viewing areas are near the hub, and not too far away down Main Street. Trying to find one spot that works for all three events is a bit tricky. I don’t have any magic answers, but others might. You might need to move around some between shows. For instance, you can stand in some street and hub areas for Wishes and CTM, but then have to move 'cuz it’s the path for MSEP.

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I presume CtM is “Celebrate the Magic” which is a night time lighting of the castle and show: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/entertainment/magic-kingdom/celebrate-the-magic/

You’ll do great!! It is a bit overwhelming - the biggest thing is to remember that you won’t see it all and that is perfectly ok. You also need to be fairly flexible as things do change last minute. Don’t know if you are traveling with little one’s but that is a major wild card. Some days they are ready to go and go all day - other times they just need some down time. Other times people are hungry at 4 pm and other days 7 pm. So it is awesome that you are planning - but also don’t get so caught up with it that you can’t be flexible. WDW will also just change things fairly last minute. We planned around Big Thunder being offline - two days before we go - BOOM they have - so we had to change plans a bit.

All of the action basically takes place in the same general area. However for the Electrical Parade I do like being in the back half of the park (Liberty square area) - it is a little less crowded. ANYWHERE along the route it fine. You may just want to plan what side of the street you want to be on if you want to see specific attractions afterwards so you can scoot out. Wishes can be seen anywhere in the front side of the park. yes some areas are better than others - but we have never gotten their early and have always had acceptable views. Sometimes a bit more of a tree or building than we would like - but it is always good.

First trips can be so overwhelming! I know you did not ask for it- but I am going to give you some advice. Many touring plan followers will disagree with what I say…

Decide what you want to do and create a touring plan to make sure it is a viable, reasonable plan. At this point- I do not look at my plan again- you may want to look at your. Be prepared to throw the whole plan out the window! Sometimes it may even be better to call and beg Disney to waive the fee and just skip that ADR!

Enjoy your trip! The parade, Wishes and CtM are amazing! You will live them- but if you are too tired- save them for another trip- or change your plans- sleep in and switch parks! We are here to help you any time you need it!


Don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it. Totally understandable that you were curious. I’m really hoping they will do the same in Dec, as currently Wishes isn’t until 10pm every night.