Wishes and Main Street Electrical Parade

Where is the best place to watch Wishes (and be able to see Celebrate the Magic)? How far in advance would we need to stake out a spot on a CL 4 or 5 day? Also, does anyone know when the FPP stop for the parades? We’re going at the end of April.

Also, where is the best place to watch the Main Street Electrical Parade? How far in advance should we find a spot? There is a parade route on the map, which parade is the route marked for?

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Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the parades follow the same route. The electrical parade starts by Main Street and ends in Frontierland. Usually my husband and I always watched the parades from Mainstreet, but this past trip we watched from Frontierland and found it a little less crowded. We stood across from Pecos Bill’s. However, it’s not a good spot for Wishes, really. We are usually on Mainstreet for Wishes. I’ve heard there are good viewing places towards Tomorrowland, but haven’t tried that.

As for how early you need to stake out a place, I’m not sure I’m the best person to answer that one. I usually end up finding a spot way earlier than I probably need to…

Does the electrical parade start at the town square and end in frontier land, and the other parades do the reverse route? I’ve read about following the end of the parade till you get to a good spot for Wishes, but I’m a bit confused as to which end they are following from.

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As far as I can remember, the Electrical parade ends in Frontierland, and the afternoon repair starts in Frontierland.

Yes this.

We did this last trip and LOVED the location. After the parade we made our way to in front of Crystal Palace/Caseys and staked out a spot behind the fence where FPP used to be. We have watched Wishes from that spot x2 now and love that also - great viewing for CTM as well.

Thanks. This is our first trip, so I have no clue. I tried to search Electrical Parade…but realized later that I should have searched MSEP. I always forget about the acronyms! We have a dinner ADR at the Plaza…so I guess we’ll just try to find a spot after we finish eating.

OBnurse- so you were able to find a spot for wishes on front of caseys after the parade had already ended? I would have thought that gets filled up hours before? Trying to get a sense for how early I need to get a spot I. Order to enjoy all 3.


Yes. We followed the parade (and crowd) as the last float passed and made our way back to the hub area. We were not directly in front of Casey’s but in the area sort of between Casey’s and Crystal Palace. No crowd there at all when we arrived and we had 30-45 minutes before the CTM show started. Great spot.

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