Wishes and Electrical Parade switched times at MK

For our upcoming trip next month I noticed that on our first day at Magic Kingdom that Wishes is at 9pm and the Main Street Electrical Parade is at 10pm with the park closing at 10pm. In all my years going at about this same time of year I don’t think I’ve ever seen this. It’s that format during our first week there, and then the next week it goes back to Wishes at 10pm and the Main Street Electrical Parade at 9pm like it almost always is. I was just wondering if anybody had any idea as to why they might be doing this? Like I said I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that way and just wanted to make sure I’m not missing something, and I’m also curious as to why they decided to do it. Any ideas anyone or @len?

Thanks in advance!

It is the same way in September. There was a delay in the calendars and then that schedule showed up.

We’ll keep an eye on this. Might just be a schedule typo. I think it’d be unusual, but there’s that small chance that Bob Iger thinks it’ll save the Disney company $10, you know?

Good news is when I made the plan the software caught the switched times, because that’s when I noticed they had switched. So everything is good on that end! I just found it really odd, because in 18+ trips in July I’d never seen that. It doesn’t affect us at all because we’re staying for both regardless, just curious. I get what you’re saying on the saving money thing Len. Only thing I thought is that it’s some sort of test for the week to see the effect on the park. I figure most people stay for Wishes and then leave, regardless if it’s park close or not. Having Wishes at 9 might start to clear the park earlier because most might not stay for the parade at 10pm, which would allow them to start to shut some things down sooner therefore saving money?

It’s that way during our 8/31-9/5 trip, and since MK closes at 9 on Wednesday and Thursday and has MNSSHP on Friday, there is no MSEP any of those nights. There are also no fireworks scheduled at HS the entire trip, which is a bummer.

The fireworks have not been scheduled yet but that should change.

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I noticed the same thing for our trip the first week of September. The electrical parade is only going on Friday that week. My question is… If they do the fireworks first, won’t the congestion for the parade be worse? If people are trying to leave that will put them right on the parade route to the way out. It just seems backwards to me. But then again, who am I?