Winter Park Hours

We are going to WDW 2/15-2/21/15. I see that Touring Plans has predicted higher crowd levels that week. It's President's Day weekend, Mardi Gras, and Princess Half Marathon. But I double-checked the park hours and they've cut them substantially. Now I'm scrambling to rearrange my itinerary and ADRs. What are the chances that the park hours will get extended this week. I feel so discouraged!

If you jump back to President's Day this past year, you can see what the details actually were on the day. It looks like they extended the hours and that the 7 they predicted was spot-on.

I noticed the short hours for our trip too. Feb 20-27, 2015. the crowd levels were increased, but hours are shorter. When do they typically release the longer park hours?

We're going in October/November. On the first calendar release the hours were short, but with each new release park hours have been lengthened. For example, AK was 9-5 every day of our trip and now there are some days til 6 or 7 close. I would guess your hours will be extended. It's a complete uneducated guess mind you as I haven't been watching February hours. Don't get discouraged. It's Disney smile