Winnie the Pooh same day FP+

We will be in at MK for three days, spread across May 30-June 6. All days at 7-8 CL. On our last day, we had a 11am FP for Winnie the Pooh but switched it to 7DMT because I’d observed while monitoring the Lines App that there is FP+ availability for Pooh regularly throughout the day (like today, for example), while of course 7DMT is wiped out. My conclusion being that we could always grab an additional FP after our first 3 are used on the day of our attendance.

However, it has come to my attention that, when the Lines App is showing availability, what it’s searching for is 1 rider (there are 3 of us). So the reality on the ground could be that while the Lines App might show availability, that might not actually be so for 3 people. As well, the CLs that I’m monitoring recently, using them as a template, are in the 5-6 range generally.

We do have 7DMT scheduled already on a different day, while we don’t have Pooh anywhere and DW is a big fan of that ride. Should I cancel that second 7DMT and rebook Pooh?

I am not one to plan on a 4th FP but Pooh is my grown son’s favorite dark side. We have found Pooh ( and Buzz) available on the busiest days.

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Available like it’s noon and you can get one for 7:30pm, or really widely available?

Thanks for responding!

Available like: The Park is closing in 2 hours and there is a Pooh FP.

Edited to add: I would keep the 7DMT. I think you can find a FP or a 20 minute stand by wait.


Thank you so much. My apologies if this is really already asked an answered, but to provide additional context, we tend to arrive at RD but vacate by 4pm, that’s about when we run out of steam. In line with that, we use are first 3 FPs asap, then start looking for additionals right away, but can’t take later windows. Does this additional info alter anything to your mind?

My experience has been that a I have been able to get Pooh. Even on party days when you can have limited FPs because you have everyone trying to book FPs befor 5:30, I have booked Pooh as a 4th.

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I got a Pooh FP for 5 minutes later for a party of 6 last fall on a CL 6 day. I had my pick of times. This was around 12pm :slight_smile: