Wine shops near WDW

Possibly niche question :slight_smile:

Am bringing a relative to WDW who really likes wine. Good wine. He wants to drive to a shop and buy a load of bottles of wine on our first night and then drink it each evening (we are staying in a FW Cabin so will eat there). He is currently planning on going to a supermarket, but am worried he might be disappointed. He is really looking for the kind of nice wine shop we have in Europe, like shelves with lots of bottles on from different countries/regions, with a range going up to “quite expensive and fancy”.

I have no idea how this works in America or where I should send him near WDW. Advice pls!

Not fancy but Publix actually has quite a large wine section.

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits ABC Fine Wine & Spirits is a chain of large liquor stores. They have two locations near WDW (about 3 to 4 miles). They have wine, beer, liquor, etc. All you need to purchase is an ID that proves you are at least 21.

You can explore their website to see the variety of wines they have, from all over the world.

I can’t answer your question but your relative sounds like a fun person to hang out with.