Wine and Food Crowd adjustment

Hello all and Happy Thanksgiving!
I have a tripped booked for August 27-Sept 2 2017. My DD and I planned to be there then since crowds will be low and we can enjoy her last week of summer vacation. However, with the announcement that W&F is going to be extended into August, what is everyone’s experience with crowds throughout the park on the opening weekend of the festival? I’m sort of excited that I’ll be able to catch a day or two of it, as I’ve never been, but now I’m feeling skittish about bigger crowds and such. Any thoughts or input? Thanks so much!

F&W crowds tend to concentrate in World Showcase and don’t seem to have a huge impact on wait times, at least this is what I recall from prior years. Additionally, that window crossing September 1st is historically one of the quietest times of year to go, so I think you will probably be okay. Also, yay for catching a couple days of F&W, because it’s awesome. :slight_smile:

EPCOT is more crowded on weekends during Food and Wine. Earlier in the day is better too.

Thank you so much! I was hoping it would only effect that area of the park, and I’m excited that I’ll be able to catch a day or two of it! Now to adjust my budget accordingly to add in some extra purchases!