Wine and Dine Half Marathon

Hi Everyone!

I convinced my husband that we needed a fitness goal this year and we should do the Wine and Dine half marathon. This was really a just clever ruse to get back to disney without the kiddos since last year I was pregnant and we had our toddler in tow when we went. I need to ride FOP!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

My questions are:

  1. How quickly is this thing going to sell out? There seems to be a lot of chatter on line with people very excited about the villain theme, etc. Do I need to find someone who is a DVC member to try and get early access to registration or should I be ok signing up when it opens for the general public? I’m hoping that more people are interested in the 5K and 10K races.

  2. Also, do I need to purchase admission to epcot in order to attend the after party or is park admission included?

Thanks so much in advance and for all the tips and tricks I’ve been reading along the way!

We did wine and dine in 2019. We are DVC but didn’t sign up during early registration. I think all the races did sell out eventually. Having done a number of Disney races I have noticed that the challenges seem to sell out before the half marathon alone does. I don’t think it will sell out during early registration, but I also won’t recommend waiting long after it opens to everyone.

This past year the after party ticket was included for anyone who ran the half marathon or the challenge.

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We did Wine & Dine half in 2017 with a group of friends. Some were DVC and got to pre-register. The rest of us registered the moment it opened and had no problem, and it was still open for a few weeks after. I would agree that the Villains theme may draw extra people, but I think the half will probably not sell out immediately. Nevertheless, I would be ready to register the moment it opens just in case. As for the after party, no additional park tickets were needed for us. This was a first half marathon for most of the people in our group. It was also our first time at Disney without kids. We had a blast!!


The 5K and 10K may sell out the first day. DVC/AP members can sign up a week early, but that is just a small allotment, so if that “sells out” then it isn’t sold out for general registration.
The after-party comes with the half (or challenge) and included admission - I think you can get in around 4pm or so? but the party doesn’t start until 10. Honestly, we’ve done it twice and haven’t been able to stay up for much of the party.
If you plan on staying on property, there are travel agents who can get race registration as part of a package. Then you don’t have to worry about getting in on registration day.

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