Wine and Dine Half marathon in Nov 2016


I want to attend marathon weekend in Nov 2016 the actual date of which I don't think has been announced yet (and won't be for a while yet). I also want to take advantage of the UK free dining offer that is out at the moment, but I need to book before 9th July this year to get it.

Now I know nobody has a crystal ball round here, but based on the dates of the marathon weekend the last few years, do you think that if I book a period covering the weekends of the 5/6th and 12/13th I am covering the most likely dates?

Sorry if this is a really silly question - this whole Run Disney thing is all new to me.


Yes!!! Last year it was Nov. 8, this year Nov. 7, and so next year one of those weekends is most likely. So excited!!!!


Thank you! I'm so excited too!! I will be unbearable by this time next year!


It's the next RunDisney event on my bucket list. I'll be there!


Yay!!! Only something like a 545 day countdown!!!


If it follows the trend it should be on November 12th. I'm hoping to run it again next year- it was my very first half in 2013.