Will you please critique my Epcot touring plan for May 7th?

This will be my seventh trip to Disney but the first time I have ever used Touring Plans. We have one day for Epcot and I tried putting together a loose plan based upon a plan I read here. Could you please give me any feedback or changes you would make? We are rope droppers. I would love any help as I am horrible with timing! Please be gentle. lol!

Arrive early, rope drop
Test Track
Living with the Land
Garden Grill ADR at 10:20am
Journey into Imagination with Figment
Spaceship Earth - FP+ 11:30am?
Mission Space - FP+ 12:30pm?
The Seas with Nemo
Turtle Talk with Crush
Mexico - Gran Fiesta
Norway - Frozen - FP+ 2pm?
Enjoy WS for rest of afternoon
La Hacienda de San Angel ADR at 8:15pm

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Test Track is notorious for often being down at rope drop (related to morning dew?). You can always do that as single rider, if you’re at least 7 years old.

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Ok, thanks! That is good to know.

Yes - single rider - DH did that with a minimal wait last visit. I don’t recall how long, but I sat and waited it out and it wasn’t terrible. We got an ice cream and people watched. If single rider appeals to you, I would do Soarin’ first and then head over to Test Track.

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Awesome! Thank you!

We are going to Epcot the same day.

I agree with the TT issue. Happened to us at rope drop last trip. We had a FastPass for Soarin, so we rope dropped FEA instead.

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Thanks! I hope it’s a nice day to be there. I have never visited in May before! :slight_smile:

Neither have we. We have been to the flower and garden festival in April. It is beautiful.

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I bet it is!

Yep I wouldn’t risk test track being down at rope drop

Do soarin first I reckon

Then take a queue at test track or do the single rider thing

But don’t single riders miss out on designing the car?

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How notorious? Is it down at park open often? Trying to decide on Tier 1 FPP options for EPCOT

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Single riders do get to design a car. I did, when I rode as single rider.

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Others who go more often can verify if that is true, I only know I’ve seen it mentioned many times by others who go often. The common advice, if you are trying to do all three Tier 1 on the same day, is to RD Soarin’, FPP FEA (which often goes down, so you’d at least get an anytime FPP), and single rider TT.

If you try to RD TT but find it’s not open yet, then you’ve wasted your efforts rushing to that location. A safer choice is to RD Soarin’.


First time I went to epcot TT was down all day and never opened

Second time I went we had fastpass for it early on, it was late opening and we got an anytime fastpass and managed to still get to soarin fast enough so that there wasn’t much of a queue

It would be a ride I would fastpass given the chance

Re single riders - not sure how you can design the car?

What about the other riders in the car with you?

Surely they have designed it?

Ie it can’t be both cars at the same time on the images and results it gives you can it?

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We were at the front of the pack for RD, and did Soarin, LWTL, figment, Nemo, Crush by about 10:30am. Then I would FPP SE, Frozen and MS. To me 10:20am doesn’t seem like a great time for an ADR, but if it’s a must I would skip TT and get Nemo, figment and crush done early when you’ll be be able to pretty much walk on.

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Leaving the TT question aside here.

Your plan has you going to The Land and Figment, then across FW via SE to MS, back across the park to the Seas and then back across again to Mexico.

That’s 3 times across FW from one side to the other, not including the first time from TT to The Land. I’m tired already :grin: ! I would at least look to do The Seas after The Land (Soarin, GG) and then cross back to MS via SE. But that really only works if you do TT first.

Have you tried creating an actual touring plan? See what it suggests?

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I had an early FPP for TT on my first Epcot day last summer and it was down. Which worked out great because we got an any ride, any time FPP as compensation. It was back up a few hours later and I think we got in quickly because the queue hadn’t had time to build up. I kept checking the status on MDE and we pounced as soon as we saw it was running again.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

It wasn’t down last time we rope dropped but it looks like we just got lucky!

Thanks Tate! We do the late breakfast thing sort of brunch. We love eating that that time. Just works well for our family. :slight_smile: I will take a look at your options. Thank you!