Will you be able to see SWGE before it opens?

I am going to be at Hollywood Studios on 8/22. I know that Star Wars won’t be open yet. Do you think that we will be able to take a peek and get a sense of what it will look like from outside (not the ride, just the Star Wars village area)? Or do they keep the whole area roped off so that you can’t go anywhere near it?

I doubt it. You can get a quick glance when you ride SDD.

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It’s walled / roped off.

Could they please leave it walled off until November 3rd?

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Bummer. I figured that was probably the case, but was hoping for a quick peek. Oh well, we will check it out on our next trip.

The main entrance is through a tunnel near the Muppets. And there’s a berm (big bank) with tall trees planted all the way along it. The other entrance, from TSL which at first will be just used as an exit crosses an access road, again with the berm either side.

No way to peek inside, even when the land is actually open.